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Welcome to!


A website that provides evidenced-based information on the diagnosis, treatment and management of ACL injury and other lower limb sports injuries.


My name is Mick Hughes and I am an APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who consults at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, Collins St, Melbourne.


I have a passion for improving treatment outcomes, quality of life and sports performance of my patients and athletes, especially those who have sustained ACL injury.


Here on my website, you will find the the latest in sports medicine, sports physiotherapy and strength and conditioning research that I aim to tailor to a wide audience of medical professionals, allied health professionals, patients, prospective patients, coaches, teachers and parents via an easy to read blog and social media posts.


The second function of my website is to allow my patients, referrers and prospective patients, an easy way to make an appointment to come and see me via clicking on the "Make Face to Face Appointment" button on each page.


I really hope you enjoy my blogs and how I present the latest in sports medicine, sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning research.

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